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Sun, Jul

The People’s Artist of Belarus had told to cadets about her Motherland

On the faculty of investigators cadets had held a meeting with the famous actress of theatre and cinema Tatiana Grigor’evna Markhel, who is the People’s Artist of Belarus.

During the warm and friendly conversation, Tatiana Grigor’evna had told to cadets about the start of her professional career in the theatre for kids and youngsters of Almaty in 1963.

As 2018 is a year of Little Motherland in Belarus, there were some questions about the Motherland of a talent actress. Tatiana Grigor’evna had told about her Motherland, Smolevichi district, with the great love and trembling. Actress had shared with us secret and bright memories about her youth, family, holidays and traditions in her country- Spakovshchina.

The conversation had continued about the story of her favourite hobby- collecting of oral folk art of belorussians as songs, especially Kalykhanki, poems and fairytales. As a talented person is talented in everything, Tatiana Grigor’evna had sang a few songs. Cadets had recognized that her voice was very beautiful.

Then, cadets had asked questions about her professional activities, about filming in cinema. Tatiana Grigor’evna Markhel had taken part in 33 feature films, a great number of TV series, had played a lot of brilliant roles in theatre.

Tatiana’s acting skills are highly appreciated not only by belorussians, but foreign theatrical critics. For example, in 1999 Tatiana Grigor’evna Markhel had got a badge of honor from the Ministry of Culture of Belarus, People’s Choice Award on the festival “The Golden Vitiaz” in Tambov, Russia in 2001 and Award for the best performance of the female role in “Bergman’s Women” on the festival of national dramaturgy in Bobruisk in 2001.

On the festival “Slavonic theatrical meetings” in 2002 in Briansk, Russia she had got an Award for the best female role in “Bergman’s women”, also an Award for the best female role on the First International theatrical festival “The Golden Vitiaz” in Moscow, Russia in 2003.

Tatiana Grigor’evna Markhel was awarded a Francisk Skorina’s medal for personal contribution to development of theatrical art and for high performing skills in 2004.

In 2005 she had got a prize for the female role on the Seventh International TV and theatrical festival “This Victory Day…”(role of Polina in “Tribunal” of Makayonok) in Moscow. Also Tatiana Markhel is the winner of the prize “For the best female role” of the theatrical festival “Theatre. Chekhov. Yalta” in 2008.

In 2011 she had got the rank “People’s Artist of Belarus”. Despite the venerable age, Tatiana Grigor’evna is full of power and she doesn’t stop on what she has achieved. She keeps on filming in cinema and in theatre. “Tatiana Grigor’evna has become a real example of purposefulness and love to her profession. It is very nice to talk to a person who has become a real master of her craft”- shared with us his emotions the second-year cadet of the faculty of investigators Nikolai Kleshchenko.

The star of domestic theatre and cinema had said “goodbye” to the cadets of the faculty of investigators and cadets had applauded very loudly.

Kirill Kachan.
Photo by Ekaterina Miseva