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Sun, Jun

For Mother's Day - visit to the center of pediatric oncology

The cadets of our faculty together with the Minsk volunteers visited the Republican Scientific and Practical Center for Pediatric Oncology, Hematology and Immunology.

The cadets of the militia university and the metropolitan “Club 5000” organized a celebration in the institution, timed to Mother's Day. Happy day - this is what the oncology center staff says about the visits of volunteers who prepare entertainment programs for children and give gifts.

The volunteer club has been helping sick children for many years. Having learned about the next action, the future officers also decided to help and offered their faculty to participate in organizing the holiday. Each cadet has contributed to the common good deed - essentials, interactive and soft toys, original gifts toys for those who have a birthdayhave been purchased. The cadets participated in wrapping gifts, also helped with transportation and, of course, showed a creative approach in organizing an event at the oncology center.

Volunteers of the city and the militia university met on the threshold of the establishment on the morning of October 10. On a happy day, each oncology center patient received a memorable gift. The guests also prepared a concert program, in which the finalist of the third season of the show «Voice. Children»Alexandra Nehaj. In the assembly hall it became even more fun and brighter when one of the most beloved children's heroes came on the scene - the clown showed fascinating tricks and told funny stories. Festive atmosphere was also created by life-size puppets. Every child could have a picture taken with Carlson or a minion.

The happy day was remembered by everyone - both small patients, and staff, and volunteers themselves, who will continue to hold holiday promotions.

Pavel Karnaukh, 3 course.
Photo by Ekaterina Miseva, 4 course