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Sun, Jun

The faculty held a meeting of graduates of 2013 year

The faculty of investigators was visited by graduates who graduated from the alma mater five years ago. The meeting gathered 70 participants.

During the excursion around the faculty law enforcement officers remembered their cadets' life.Although not much time has passed since the release, the faculty of investigators has significantly changed.Its leaders told what's new and what plans the faculty has. By the way, the current deputy chief of the faculty of investigators for work with personnel, colonel of militia VitaliyKutsko supervised the course of graduates of 2013.

The guests were shown the film of ONT channel «The first title - by vocation!», dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Academy. Also, the graduates with interest received a presentation, dedicated to the years of their study.There is something to remember: cadets of the faculty sought to prove themselves in all spheres of activity - without them did not do scientific conferences and seminars, legal olympiads, international contests and tournaments, sports competitions, festive concerts, creative and musical competitions.

Kirill Kachan, 2nd course.
Photo by Ekaterina Miseva