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Sun, Jun

Discussed questions of fire safety with specialists of the Ministry of Emergency Situations

The representative of the Ministry of Emergency Situations conducted a lesson with cadets of the faculty of investigators on fire safety issues.

Summer time with active rest in full swing. But it is important not only to have a good rest, but also to make this rest safe for yourself and for other people.

A cognitive lesson on fire safety issues for cadets of the faculty of investigators of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was conducted by the teacher of the University of Civil Protection of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, captain of internal service Alena Kolb. The officer recalled the sources of ignition, the causes of the fires, familiarized the cadets with an algorithm of actions in case of fire, as well as the rules for using fire extinguishers.

During the lesson, the staff of the faculty was shown thematic video films, one of which was dedicated to the tragic events in the city of Kemerovo of the Russian Federation. The representative of the Ministry of Emergency Situations commented on the key points, helped the cadets to see and analyze the mistakes made in the elimination of this emergency.

Since it was summer, it was not out of place to remind the youth of the ban on visiting forests in a fire-dangerous period and burning out dry vegetation, about administrative responsibility for kindling campfires in prohibited places. They also spoke in detail about the observance of fire safety rules in everyday life.

The employee of the Ministry of Emergency Situations has not left unattended the mobile application «The MES of Belarus: help is near! », telling the cadets about its informativeness and benefits in case of an emergency.

The lesson was held in the form of communication. The cadets asked problem questions and together with the specialist sought answers to them. Future officers noted that the meeting was very informative and useful, the knowledge acquired will be useful both in later life and in service activity.

Kirill Kachan, 2nd course.
Photo by Anatoly Sadovsky