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Sun, Jun

For parents of cadets - open day at the faculty

The faculty of investigators invited the first-year student’s relatives and friends. A meeting with the leadership and a concert took place.

Parental days have become a tradition.The faculty of investigators opens its doors so that relatives and friends of the cadets can see the educational process and the conditions of education and residence of future officers.

Guests were met by the head of the course Danila Varevodsky, who told about the results of the academic year and answered the worried questions of the parents.Parents were interested in, for example, the peculiarities of practice on various courses.

The guests had a surprise in the assembly hall - a concert prepared by the youth.Dances, author's songs of cadets, the best humorous numbers in the style of "KVN" - all this created an unforgettable atmosphere of the holiday.

Also, the best first-year students were awarded.Head of the faculty Oleg Rozhko noted that the current composition of first-year students is strong in studies, science, creativity and sports.For high results in various fields of activity a number of cadets have been encouraged:Alexander Veremeychik, Ivan Garnitsky, Vladimir Godlevsky, Pavel Gospodaryov, ViktoriaGulevich, Alexei Gul, Alexei Zablotsky, Nikita Zavadsky, Andrei Zhurba, Georgy Zhmaev, Maria-NikaZhukova, Svetlana Koval, AndreiLevchuk, Nikita Lovitsky, Vladimir Malevich, Georgy Matkovsky, ArturMatskevich, Alexey Mihovich, Mikhail Morozov, MatveiNechay, VladislavNovitsky, Vladislav Pavlovich, Nikita Prilashkevich, Ekaterina Slesarchik, VyacheslavTarasik, Andrei Khoroshun, Angelina Churinina, Vadim Sheregov, Kirill Shurko. They were given the gratitudes of the head of the academy.

Illarion Parshenkov, 1st course.
Photo by Svetlana Koval, Egor Rakhansky