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How are the Weekend at the Faculty of Investigators

First-year students will soon begin the first session, it will take maximum strength and energy, which means it is important to be able to rest. For example - a well-organized leisure cadets.

So, the cadets, who have no complaints about their studies and discipline, visited the Philharmonic. The concert was wonderful, gave a lot of positive emotions and good mood. On weekends, future officers visit theaters, cinemas and museums - this is already a tradition. For example, they recently went to the Museum of Belarusian Statehood.

The Museum of Criminalistics, located on the territory of the SEF, is also a very interesting place, especially for future investigators and forensic experts.

After the excursion she was impressed by the cadet Angelina Churinina:

- It was very interesting to look at the devices that used to be used by forensic scientists. We all just immersed ourselves in the history of this science. Particularly fascinating is the fingerprinting procedure - fingerprinting. I am proud of the fact that it was from a huge number of entrants that I was chosen for training at the investigative and expert faculty in a group of experts. I like the subject "Fundamentals of medical knowledge", on it I have a automatic offset.

Interest leisure time is organized in the subordinates of Danila Varevodskiy. At the initiative of the cadets, a pool table was installed in the leisure room. In a free minute here you can hone skills, compete and cheer for their classmates. As you can see, future officers spend their days off positively.

Egor Rakhansky,
1 course.
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